Australian Kayaking Adventures


Australian Kayaking Adventures is Gold Coast’s original and best kayaking tour provider. AKA approached Hopscotch Digital to develop a playful brand identity that could tie into a multitude of mediums.

With a distinguishable icon and graphic styling, we can create a relationship between the branding elements and photography. Weaving a graphic element, and or overlaying a solid graphic over photography will tie in the playfulness and vibrancy into every aspect of the brand. See our mockups below!

The Icon: We began the logo exploration by crafting a striking, yet simple icon to assist the wordmark. It is bold and strong enough to stand alone, yet compliments the wordmark elegantly. The icon is crafted from the company acronym – AKA – in a creative, modern and high-quality aesthetic. The contemporary and slightly abstract kayak icon is fun and impactful while remaining minimal and clean. The result is a trusted brand icon that can be used across all collateral.

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  • Website Build
  • Complete Copywriting
  • Branding (In Collaboration with Theory Agency)

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